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CW Cash is an informational silver investing website based on my personal experience as a novice, small scale, retail investor. All investment advice available on is provided without warranty, read and invest at your own risk.

investing in silverSilver investing is just one road to travel regarding long term investments, particularly retirement cash. Long term investments fall into the category of retirement savings or simply higher return savings for future financial stability.

Silver has been pegged by the media as a great choice in precious metals based on its affordability and it overall lag in pricing considering the remainder of the precious metals market. The silver price moves about daily with the global markets, pencil-pushing financial gurus will tell you that silver is very volitile.

I watch the silver price daily on the NYSE, even though silver is not meant for day-traders. Prices can actually change after-hours (during the evening) being that silver is traded globally. Watching silver prices gets addicting after a while but you can't worry about daily changes too much. Silver is best invested long term, and if all goes as well as I think it will, for retirement cash down the road.

Please use the information provided here to begin investing in silver bullion or to guide you in your current investment. Also share this silver investing website with anyone who is likely to invest or anyone looking for an alternative to their current investment strategy.

Recent Updates at CW Cash

We have added some additional detail to the silver bullion definitions and explanations. This can be very helpful to novice investors even though many of the terms may be etched into the brains of those already familiar precious metal investing.

Recent updates include a few more pictures of various bullion that were submitted into the photo gallery as well. The silver bullion photo gallery can be a learning experience in itself.

Also we changed the website to a responsive design for those using smart-phones and tablets. This is the way of the world these days I guess.... Please report any quirks or gliches using our contact form, since you can never prepare for everything.

We continually add commentary on silver investing as well. For now, most of this silver website is static but we are investigating the possibility of adding comment boxes to the articles. These boxes have their advantages right alongside their drawbacks so this is still in the early stages of planning. Stay tuned for that feature...


Buying Silver Online

We have listed out some online bullion suppliers here and some basic information for each dealer. Buying silver can be confusing at first, but once you find the source that's right for you, the search will be over.

personal investing in silver bullionSome metals dealers require minimum orders and some price in the free shipping perk.

View our list of suppliers to see who is right for you and your investment style. Again, we don't endorse any particular one of these. Some have advantages over others based on your specific investment needs.

In other words, a small scale investor may be served better by one supplier versus another. Same goes for someone with more investement capital at their fingertips, they may be served better by an entirely different bullion dealer who specializes in bulk orders.

You can view a list of trusted suppliers and compare the pros and cons of each based on your purchasing plans...

Search for Investment Silver Here...

Silver Bullion Photos

We have posted the bullion photos in a gallery format. Some from our collection but many of the photos have been submitted by our users. We've had users elaborate on their bullion collections and some have uploaded pictures of the rare rounds and bars for the gallery.

If you've got some unique silver bullion that you believe to be rare, upload a picture using our bullion upload form. Your fellow silver connoisseurs will appreciate it and you never know, you may wind up feeling good about yourself.

View the Silver Bullion Showcase...

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