Where to Buy Silver Safely

The question of where to buy silver safely will echo until the end of time. Personally, I have bought my silver from multiple sources. I will break down the method to my madness so you can get an idea of where I stand.

buy silver safelyYour local coin shop is your number-one best option. There is something to be said about a face-to-face transaction whether you are buying silver or any type of merchandise. Some call this buying silver the "old fashion way".

Coin and currency specialist are typically outgoing, informative, and fair people. Get to know you coin guy or coin lady for that matter, on a first name basis.

Nothing in life is guaranteed except death and taxes, but this is a surefire way to rule out most crooks.

Thanks to technology however, legitimate precious metal dealers are also available via your home computer or smart phone.

The convenience of availability and easy price comparison make silver seller websites another option if you are careful.

Buy Silver Safely at a Local Coin Shop...

silver from a local coin shopCoin dealers with brick and mortar stores in your neighborhood set up shop for the long haul. If there were a guaranteed way to buy silver safely, this would be as close as it gets. Nobody opens a store with the expectations of closing, so you can take that for all it's worth.

Small businesses open with the intentions of success and longevity. As for coin shows, dealers typically can be trusted more often than not because they usually openly display their business name and business info in one form or another.

However you have no way of verifying that the business info is entirely accurate so I would just say you would need to be more alert at a show than at your local coin shop.

Buy Silver Safely Online

buy silver from safe websitesAnd then there are the online mints and coin dealers of cyberspace. They sure do look professional, but can you safely buy silver from them?

I believe there is safety in purchases from dealers like,,, and however the pricing leaves something to be desired.

I don't personally endorse these sources, but mention them as examples of established businesses with a history of silver transactions. The US Mint website is the official government source for everything silver.

I have made a purchase from only two of these mints/dealers listed here. However I did poke around the other websites as well as some other mints located in the USA. Where to buy silver safely online will depend greatly on how long a business has been established.

Next, I'll tell you what I have learned so far about buying directly from a private mint, I've tried to be as straightforward yet simplistic as possible.

Read more about buying silver directly from mints.

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