Silver Investing Philosophy

Here it is. A summary of my experience to date and my overall silver investing philosophy. As with all other forms of investing, you must set aside hype and deal with facts only. SIlver investing is multi-dimensional and sometimes it seems complicated. It doesn't have to be confusing nor should it be stressful.

I have broken down my silver investing philosophy into bulleted points Follow this very simple advice and you'll soon find yourself sharing my philosophy and hopefully enjoying a bountiful return on your investment.

The Philosophy of Champions...

Accumulating silver bullion is challenging, rewarding, and I must admit, just plain fun regardless of whether you buy from eBay, your local coin shop, or an online bullion dealer.

silver investing philosophyThe personal acquisition of silver bullion is as secure of an investment as you will find anywhere. Precious metal is the crutch that supports educated investors, no other form of investment tool is safer.

  1. Disregard the hype of easy money and look at the five year and ten year silver price charts. These charts are the best salesmen when it comes to precious metal investing because they cannot lie. Notice you will have to be patient.

  2. Never do all your research in one place as everyone has something to sell. Be sure to read financial publications, research major news networks online, and visit the websites of the USA based mints for the latest news.

  3. Don't buy collectible coins because their value can fluctuate based on collecting karma and the economy overall. Buy only fine silver bullion to avoid the high premiums added to rare coinage and collectible currency.

  4. Don't play the market or try to time silver acquisitions, buy when you are able regardless of the day's current spot price, when in doubt just take a look at the ten year price chart.

Stay the Long Term investment Course...

The importance of staying the course cannot be stressed enough. With the decline in silver price of the last few years, some investors have begun to second guess their investment choice.

long term investment silver
Silver is a Long Term Investment

Really there is no guarantee of silver price increases anytime in the next few years either. Staying the course equals being patient and waiting for the day you're glad you bought your first ounce.

There are many legitimate indicators that point to silver growing in value in the years to come. How much and when will it happen is anyone's guess. Silver prices are tied to stock market valuation and this, we all know, is a heavily manipulated game.

what is your investing philosophy
What's Your Investing Philosophy?

The availability of silver that has been mined and processed, combined with the current demand for silver, should dictate its value, not financial manager and speculators. If your silver investing philosophy is one of patience and wililngness to stay the course, you will most likely be happy with your investment.

Take some time and read the entire CW Cash website for more silver investing advice...

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