Silver 401K Retirement

Retirement can creep up on you far faster than you could ever imagine (at least that's what I have been told). Personally, I have about twenty years to go before I could consider retirement. Even with two decades between me and daily fishing rips, walks in the park, extensive world travel, and pigeon feeding expeditions, I think about retirement savings regularly.

The silver 401K retirement plan is my choice for security in the retirement years. What exactly is a silver 401K retirement plan? Well, let me get to that.

silver 401k retirement planLet's start with the 401K retirement plan. It is the most recommended form of retirement savings available. The plan is typically bolstered by the employer, who basically matches your savings dollars up to a certain percentage.

This varies from employer to employer. You would need to check with your employer for details on just how much money they are willing to contribute alongside your contributions.

The 401K retirement accounts offer a selection of stock and bond funds supposedly geared toward getting you the best return on your money.

You contribute pre-tax money from your paycheck, your employer matches the contribution, the money goes into the stock market or bond fund and you earn a return on your investment.

retirement silver
SIlver for Retirement? hmmmm...
When you retire, you can remove the money from the account and live happily ever after. Simply amazing... or is it?

These 401K accounts host a deep dark secret. The secret is the numerous hidden fees. These fees are deducted from your account without your knowledge. They don't appear on your quarterly statement, and they can be substantial in relation of your account balance.

As a matter of fact, these extraordinarily high fees actually amount to thievery. So why invest in a 401K plan at all? Do it because of the employer match.

The amount of money your employer matches to yours literally equals a 100% return on investment for you. This should not be discarded based on the hidden fees you'll never see. But this is also where silver bullion comes into the picture.

don't fear silver 401k
Don't Fear Silver

Representatives from your 401K financial institution will visit you at your workplace from time to time. Number one on their agenda is top get you to contribute more to your account.

This is nothing more than a sales pitch since they earn more when you contribute more. Simply ignore the nonsense and contribute only enough to cover the maximum employer match. This may not be enough for a comfortable retirement and you may need to diversify.

Hence the silver 401K retirement plan is born. It is simple, honest, and genuine. Any additional funds set aside for retirement savings can be turned into silver bullion at any local coin shop.

You just walk in with the cash you would like to put into your retirement account, and walk out with the silver bullion in your pocket.

401k investing supplement
Pure Silver - the 401K Investing Supplement

The combination of your traditional 401K account and your silver bullion investment provides you with a financial diversity. Diversity is critical since the future of finance is always uncertain.

Possession of the physical silver bullion is another investment vehicle for your financial future. It becomes another leg on your retirement stool. And that's where you get the phrase silver 401K retirement plan.

Where and how to purchase your bullion is critical. Read more about how to buy silver online.


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