Precious Metal Maniac

Have you ever met a precious metal maniac? Recently I was in a coin shop and happened upon an interesting situation. I actually encountered one of the precious metal maniacs we read about via the internet.

A precious metal maniac is defined as one who purchases gold or silver bullion as if they have just stumbled on the last remaining ounces on earth. If I'm not mistaken, this guy was trying to trade his shoes in for the last few ounces of silver he couldn't afford. He literally cleaned out the display case right in front of my eyes. Who are these people and why buy so much silver at once?

precious metal maniacsThe metal maniacs I speak of are the doomsday predictors or the end of time fanatics. Some of these bullion enthusiasts become so caught up in the happenings throughout the world that they tend to get carried away.

I must admit, paper currencies in virtually every nation are losing their luster. This becomes obvious when you perform any research on global deficits. It isn't just one country, it's a whole lot of reckless nations with excessive spending. This whole deficit thing is not new. It's not going away any time soon either.

However, we need to keep thing in perspective and the fact is that the financial world is not crumbling as fast as some claim. This is an ongoing problem, and has been for decades. So back to these precious metal maniacs...

Investment and retirement saving requires restraint and planning. Whether you choose equities (the stock market game), stuffing your mattress with US dollars, or purchasing precious metal coins and bullion from a coin shop. Solid investments are those made on your own terms.

The key to sensible silver investment is moderation. Silver bullion, collected and stored long term, has a potential for generous payback. The possibility for a generous return on investment, based on nothing more than supply and demand, is there.

silver supply and demand
Silver Supply and Demand?
You know the old saying, that nothing in life is certain except death and taxes. We need to play the percentages if we expect to get ahead in life, whether you invest in silver for retirement, or just for fun and excitement.

Silver is not a guarantee of wealth, but a good prospect for those who wish to invest long term. We must remember that there is no rush, we're not running out of silver this week. And there is no real reason to become a precious metal maniac.

When you think long-term with your investment, you stand a better chance of a greater return on investment. Read more about the possibility of retiring with silver in your personal portfolio.


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