Physical Silver versus Paper Investments

Physical silver is silver that you could actually touch and hold. The ability, actually should I say, the privilege of holding your silver without the need for a broker, an accountant, a financial adviser, or anyone else is the greatest benefit of holding physical silver. Physical silver can never be hacked. There is no computer programmer, geek, or fraudster in the world who could hack a shoebox or safety deposit box.

The word physical is key because in this age of cyberspace, cloud data, and rampant greed, it is difficult to know who you can and can't trust.

physical versus paper silverElectronic investments always carry the possibility of being breached from other parts of the world. Data and information in a storage cloud or insecure hard-drive can be the target of the right person with a computer and no morals.

Paper silver investments are only as good as the system in general. If you believe everything you read or hear, you may think you're making a solid choice.

If you are skeptical like me, you can see holes in the theory of investivity. Holding an amount of physical silver as your investment vehicle is a choice unlike most others. It enables you to have far more control over your asset than any anfd all other investment options.

Beware of silver futures, and any other type of silver fund that you can't touch and hold. These are rumored to be extremely volatile and unpredictable. When you start talking precious metals, some financial guys begin to rant and rave about ETF's and other kinds of imaginary paper investments that I don't quite understand.

There is no good reason why anyone would select a paper or electronic fund as their precious metals investment. Grandiose levels of corruption and greed make these investments foolish in my opinion. Not when there is a choice, and in the world of precious metals, there is choice and quite a bit of independence.

It doesn't matter what your money manager says. As a matter of fact, when you physically possess your precious metals, you won't even need a financial manager. Do you really believe you need someone to help you count your money? Managing a stockpile of silver takes common sense and maybe some level of due diligence.

physical silver eaglesSince you own the silver, you will be storing it somewhere. Your decision and storage choices are critical. Any large scale amount of physical silver would probably fare well in a safety deposit box or if you are one of the big guys, a secured storage facility.

Smaller amounts, those most likely associated with the retail investor, can actually be shoeboxed, if you know what I mean, or a small home safe or even jewelry drawer.

It is essential your storage choice fits your personal situation so no level of thievery is ever experienced. Returns on your investment will never be any good if your silver goes missing.

Remember, the concept of possessing physical silver is as simple as taking your cash currency to your local coin shop and exchanging it for silver bullion. Pay at the counter and walk out the door with silver in your pocket.

That is how you invest. It is easy, it is also fun because you take full control over your future.

Trust is big in this day and age, you'll sleep better at night knowing you don't need to trust quite as many people as other electronic or paper investors may. At some level, this is certainly a trust issue, and at another level, it's just my way of doing things.

Physical assets are great, but the last thing I want to find is a counterfit round or bar in my collection, not now and not ever.

Next, I'll tell you a little about where I buy my silver. Read more about where to buy silver safely.

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