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Coins, rounds, or bars is the question of the moment. Silver bullion can be purchased in a variety of forms. Which one is best? That's the next question we need to answer.

Investment is all about choices, and investing some of your savings portfolio in silver is your first good choice. But there are other choices to be made.

Do you buy your silver in the form of government issued silver coins? Do you buy generic minted silver rounds and bars with no actual value other than the silver contained within? I'll explain what I've learned to this point.

Buying Silver bars

Buying silver bars is an option available for the silver investor. They are rectangular in shape and resemble the famous gold bar design that people tend to associate with wealth.

buying silver barsFrom the mouths of coin collectors, I have heard that those who feel the end of our current financial system is near, will lean toward government minted silver currency on the belief that it can be used in the event of a paper money meltdown.

Those who tend to buy bars and rounds typically buy them for silver weight in the hopes that the spot price value of silver will continue to climb.

This climb, of course will outpace inflation and therefore your new silver is like money in the bank with real interest. I fancy myself as a silver investor and not a financial doomsday prepper so I tend to buy the non-government minted rounds.

Although I have invested in minted bars, I have always been drawn to 1 oz rounds. When I first started buying silver, I stuck with that round choice for the most part because I found enjoyment in the coin-like appearance more than anything else.

Buying Silver Rounds

I have never purchased any rounds over 1 Troy oz only because they won't site well with the other rounds in the collection.

buying silver rounds I am certain that whether you choose government coins, rounds, or bars, silver of any shape or form is a great choice in savings.

The untrustworthy politics in United States and financial turmoil abroad make me feel as though I need a more stable means of saving for the future.

As I said earlier, the round shape mimicks a coin so this form of bullion is very attractive to investors. The silver round seems to be more popular than the bar when it comes to commemorative silver pieces.

Many sports figures and sporting events have been stamped into rounds throughout the years.

This is true for world events and popular historic events as well. Presidents and famous inventors are also good examples of popular round that have been produced in the past and present.

Buying Silver Coins

buying silver coinsThe silver coin is the next choice for investors looking for stability in their portfolio. Silver coins are produced by different countires in different denominations.

Some of the more popular silver coins are the Canadian Maple Leaf coin and the American Silver Eagle. These are most popular with North American investors however I can't comment on their popularity overseas since i am not familiar.

These are examples of pure silver coins. They are stamped as 1 Troy oz of 999 fine silver which also adds to their popularity. Some silver coins that have been produced oin the past are not necessarily pure silver, but a silver mix containing far less than 1 pure oz.

These coins are referred to as junk silver even though they are not junk. They are simply not pure and it is important to understand the quantity of silver conatined in these coins before purchasing them as an investment.

Next I'll explain my method of securing silver on eBay at just 2 dollars over spot per ounce. Read more about how to buy silver at $2 over spot price.

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