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This is a summary of our most frequently asked questions regarding silver investing... If you require more detailed info on any subject, click on the (more info) link alongside the answer. We elaborate more thoroughly on some subjects on the website.

silver investing FAQ
Silver Investing FAQ

  • Q: Are you an expert in silver investment?
    A: I am a novice retail silver investor. I do not claim to be an expert in this field, I built this website to share my experience and I am still learning by the day. (more info)

  • Q: How to get started with silver investing?
    A: Getting started with silver investing will require a visit to your local coin shop. All it takes is the purchase of a single silver coin or an ounce of pure silver bullion and you are instantly a silver investor. (more info)

  • Q: How much is silver worth right now?
    A: Silver price varies minute to minute based on many variables. You can check the evening financial news or the internet for the current silver price.

  • Q: What is a Troy Ounce?
    A: A Troy ounce contains 2.75 grams more weight than a typical ounce. So a troy ounce of silver would weight 2.75 grams more than an ounce of baby powder, paper, coffee grains, etc.

  • Q: Do you sell silver?
    A: I do not sell silver. I am an avid collector, I collect as a hobby and as an investment. However, there are advertisements for precious metals displayed on the website as well as information on how and where to buy silver online. (more info)

  • Q: When is the best time to buy silver?
    A: Now... based on the behavior of the market I do not see any reason to hold off on purchasing any time you can afford to do so. The price has declined in the last two years making silver even more affordable.

  • Q: What is silver bullion?
    A: Silver bullion is the pure form of silver formed into a coin-like round or a rectangular bar intended for precious metal investors. Bullion coins have no monetary value in the system of currency, they just hold the value of the silver itself. (more info)

  • Q: What are silver numismatic coins?
    A: Silver numismatic coins are coins that would typically have a higher value then the face value on the coin, this is due to historical information about the coin and its silver content.

  • Q: Can silver become worthless?
    A: History proves that silver has never been worthless and all indicators point to an upward trend in the value of silver over time. Based on the cost of mining and processing, the silver price will eventually be forced upward. The chance of silver becoming worthless is slim to none, but technically it is possible.

  • Q: Should I tell my friends to invest in silver?
    A: Silver seems to be a good, honest way to stay ahead of inflation. Telling your friends about your interest in silver investment is fine, but if you're a large scale investor, I wouldn't brag about quantities and hiding places. Use common sense to protect your investment collection.

  • Q: Who are the Hunt Brothers?
    A: They are a duo who is famous for their plot to manipuate the silver market for financial gain. The plot ultimately failed and their careers ended in financial ruin. They are heroes to some and fools to others. (more info)

  • Q: How do I know the silver is real?
    A: Silver is an element ound only in the earth. It has a specified weight and non-magnetic metallic properties. Silver bullion can be tested with physical measurement and by weight. (more info)

  • Q: What is physical silver?
    A: Physical silver is coins, round bullion, and bars held in your possession as an investment. (read more)

Finance and Investment Questions

  • Q: How can I make cash without working?
    A: You can make cash without working through investments. Your choice of investments will dictate just how much cash you can make and in how much time.

  • Q: What is the easiest way to make cash legally?
    A: The easiest way to make cash is through investing. Your choices regarding investing will dictate just how easily you can make cash on your investments.

  • Q: What is the fastest way to make cash legally?
    A: The fastest way to make cash legally would be through a high paying job. For those of us without high paying jobs, there is investing cash into physical commodities like gold and silver..

  • Q: Can I cash a check for silver?
    A: .You can cash a check for silver only in an establishment that cashes personal checks and sells silver bullion. You may be able to negotiate payment for the check in silver versus cash.

  • Q: What is the cheapest long term investment?
    A: The cheapest long term investment isn't always the best investment. If you are referring to silver investment, non-governemt bullion is cheaper than governemt minted bullion or coins, but silver Eagles and similar government backed bullion can be easier to sell or trade in the long run versus silver bullion produced by private mints.

  • Q: What is the cheapest cash investment?
    A: The cheapest cash investment can be precious metals if you are careful. One very important aspect to remember when investing cash into metals is that the premium paid to the dealer tends to increase when the size of the bullion is smaller. Buying larger quantities will actualy make the investement expense cheaper.

  • Q: What is the cheapest way to save for retirement?
    A: The cheapeast way to save for retirement is buy balancing your personal debt prior to investing in any retirement program. Buying silver coins and bullion when prices are low can be one of the cheapest methods to save in small amounts.

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